Does it have built in gps, so you can run without your mobile?

Hi, great question! Yes, you are able to connect to the GPS tracking that shows real time route. You need to turn on the app, connect with mobile GPS then you can track your motion all the time. Feel free to ask any more questions.

Does it monitor your heart? the write up here says that is doesn't, but the picture display of the functions says that it does????

Hi, This is a great question. Yes, with built in motion sensor, real time measurement of heart rate to adjust the intensity of exercise allowing you to maintain a perfect body. I hope this answers your question. Free feel to ask anymore.

Can you read the texts being sent from a mobile on the watch ?

Yes, you are able to see the name of the sender and see the message. However, if the message is long you wont be able to see all of it. Furthermore you will receive alerts on the watch if someone calls you and alerts from various social networks, all in real time. I hope this answers your question feel free to ask more.

How big is the wristband?

Great question, the watch including the tracker monitor is 25cm and just the straps are 22cm. However, the straps have a adjustable fasten so its suitable for any wrist size. I hope this has answered your question, if you have any more we are happy to answer them.

What app do i download to connect my device to ?

Hi, Great question, Firstly the app supports versions 4.4 and above for android iOs 7 and above for apple and bluetooth 4.0. Once you meet the requirement you download the app "VeryFitPro" and once you download it you can follow the instructions its very simple. Hope this has helped you.
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