How Do Fitness Trackers help in Sleep Assessment?


In case you are looking forward to buying a fitness watch, you must analyze its overall benefits on your health. Fitness trackers or watches are considered great for monitoring and improving your overall health and well-being. Additionally, fitness trackers can also help in measuring your sleep hours and assessing the overall sleep quality. You can consider buying a fitness watch that assesses your sleep by providing valuable insights into your sleep patterns and how it affects your health.

Sleep Metrics Measured by a Fitness Watch

There are several types of fitness trackers out there that can be utilized for tracking your sleep. There are certain sleep metrics that these trackers analyze towards providing valuable information on your sleep quality.

  • Biometrics: During sleep, the fitness trackers are capable of measuring sophisticated biometric parameters including breathing patterns, oxygen levels, and heart rate. Some watches or bands are also capable of measuring the electrical conductivity of current through the skin. 
  • Movement: Most of the wearable watches are tracking devices and used for tracking the movements of the body throughout the day –even during sleep. It can be predicted that stillness is equated with a sound sleep while rapid movements correspond to disturbed sleep or wakefulness. 
  • Schedule: When it comes to ensuring the overall sleep quality, timing is a vital consideration. Sleep trackers or fitness trackers might encourage you to provide relevant information regarding your sleep timing or schedule. For instance, you might be required to input vital information like your bedtime, time of waking up, and even nap times for tracking sleep patterns over an extended period of time.
  • Environmental Factors: Some of the wearable devices are also capable of identifying additional environmental factors including sound, lighting, and temperature while you are sleeping. Such information is vital to support additional variables that need to be measured by the tracker. In case the room is dark, and the person is still, there are higher chances of falling asleep easily. 

Make the most of the fitness trackers or watches to monitor your overall sleep quality. Ensure a sound sleep every night.

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